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ST 3042

st 3042

Вакуумный 3 d термопресс grafalex st – компактная машина для проведения сублимации объемных предметов. Wtsfwf ST 3D сублимации тепло Прессы принтер 3D Вакуумные тепло Прессы принтер печатная машина для Чехлы Кружки Таблички Очки. доходные материалы. вакуумный ТЕРМОПРЕСС. ST ВНИМАНИЕ! для ИЗБЕЖАНИЯ травм И ОЖОГОВ ПЕРЕД.

Simple The machine adopts special high impedance contingent, insulation materials, lightweight and safe, streamlined resistance heat strips, compact and practical internal structure, simple and stylish appearance.

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MultifunctionThe machine covers all the functions of the heat transfer machine, which can transfer mug, glass, crystal, acrylic, plastic, wood, metal, stone, cloth and so on. Transfer large format, delicate, clear, high color reproduction, far more than the traditional heat transfer machine. Highly intelligent Work without any key operation, just gently close the cover, The machine automatically aspirate, countdown and heat up.

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Safety Software and hardware dual temperature control design, when one thermostat failure, the other thermostat automatically work, 15 minutes no operation, automatic shutdown, more secure and reliable. Efficient The XXmm capacity reactor core design capacity, can put 12 mugs at one time, greatly improve work performance.

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Environmental protection Efficient activated carbon air filter is installed in the machine, effectively to worry too much toxic and harmful gases generated in the transfer process, transported to the outdoors through the long catheter to ensure the health and safety of the operating personnel.

When the work is completed, automatically deflated, All you need is a simple process to place products and take out the products 7. Humane handling settings interface for first time use, the temperature and time set-up process is very easy to understand and easy to learn. Sharp move clamshell design, easy operation, significant space saving.

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